re: 28 Days Later

Aside from wading through the hordes of people hammering to get home during rush hour, life in Hong Kong could not be more different from living in the UK – apocalypse or not. So, having been inspired by the influx of study abroad blogs I see on my newsfeed and wanting to satiate that restless nagging in me to do something more…proactive?? (reflective???) during my time abroad, I have decided to join the crowd and document my own little journey!

To be very succinct; so far, so good! Pre-departure briefings and orientations from both Nottingham and HKU really instilled in me the fear of homesickness and culture shock for the first leg of the study abroad period. Thus, it surprised me how quickly I found myself settling into living in an entirely new environment. That’s not to say it hasn’t been challenging; from navigating around the densely packed city, (don’t even mention the labyrinth that is HKU’s campus), to trying to conquer the language barrier (my spoken Cantonese is so terrible it might as well be nonexistent), it’s been quite a rapid learning slope. As yet, I’ve gotten to know little pockets around Hong Kong quite well, utilised a smidgen of Cantonese here and there, as well as getting to grips with differences in university teaching (there’s a plethora of different assessment methods o.o).

With orientation activities organised by the university, meeting new people, exploring the city and eating SO MUCH food, the weeks have gone by in such a blur. Becoming so familiar and comfortable with the city, it feels strange to realise that I’ve only been here a month and foreign to realise I’m here to actually study…

As I live blissfully in the honeymoon phase, casually brushing off the culture-shock paranoia (it’s gotta affect me soon, right?), I aim to document my travels on a regularish basis. Stay tuned for more? If not, at least it’s something for my mum to read.


Author: rookieexperiences

A girl who loves cats, travel, food and cinema.

9 thoughts on “re: 28 Days Later”

      1. Haha, I’m writing one about mid-autumn festival…but uni is soo hectic that I don’t get time to post/write much! Hehe 😛


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