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I have never been one for the gym, but this year I vowed to be more active and what better way to do it than go hiking? Fortunately Hong Kong has so many great hiking trails, some easier than others, but each providing a variety of stunning landscapes to cheer you on. I’ll admit that for me, the idea of hiking (seeing beautiful views, getting away from the city) greatly eclipses the reality of the actual workout involved. Which is why it might have been a better idea then to start off with something relatively easier than Tai Mo Shan, HK’s highest peak. But in my mind, hiking = walking, walking = easy, therefore hiking = easy! (Has psychology taught me nothing on illogical thought processes?!?)

Googling directions on how to get there, my friend and I both came across the same blog with instructions to head to Tsuen Wan MTR station and catch a taxi to a point called Lead Mine Pass, where we could start the trail (MacLehose 8). However, upon hailing a couple of taxis, it was clear that the drivers did not know of this place (or did not want to take us??). To be clear, we had the Chinese translation, Cantonese speakers and even pulled the location up on Google maps, but alas it was to no avail. Luckily, a man came to offer help and here I will relay the instructions that got us to the hike’s starting point.

  • Exit A of Tsuen Wan MTR station. Turn left and look for stairs heading up to the highway overhead.
  • Catch the 51 bus (double check that it’s going the right way!)
  • Ride 9 stops and get off at the stop County Park.
  • Walk a little downhill towards the Country Park Visitor Center for the starting point of MacLehose trail 8.

With Hong Kong’s harsh temperature drops, I was overly cautious in wearing 5 layers of clothes, which I promptly had to strip, as we were fortunate enough to be blessed with sun! It was really the perfect weather for this hike, no humidity and warm enough to wear a t-shirt comfortably. We passed some people along the trail ambling by, casually decked out in warm fleeces and sweaters and I don’t know how they weren’t overheating O-O.





If you’re thinking of attempting this, make sure to bring lots of water (and snacks), since the majority of the hike is made up of stairs going up the mountain. Going up the hike, it may be advisable to save taking pictures until you pass the picnic area/carpark. The best views are from this point onwards and unless you want an abundance of identical photos, each increasing only slightly in viewpoint I would just save the photo-breaks until then. Here, there’s a rock a stone throw away (heh) from the main viewing point, where you’re free to take a musical interlude and act out that iconic opening scene from Disney’s The Lion King, (lion cub not provided). Another cool thing to look out for is Shenzhen! Spending most of my time on the island side, it’s easy to forget that Hong Kong is actually, physically a part of China.

After this point, you can choose to hike up to the weather observatory and carry the hike on from there. Limited by time, we chose not to hike the rest of the trail and instead re-traced our steps to catch the bus back to the MTR station. Choosing to carry on, I think you would end up in Tai Po within 1 or 2 hours. Altogether, it was a really enjoyable hike and it’s currently 01.00am and I can’t think of a witty way to end this post, so I’ll just leave you now, with the promise of more hikes in the future! (Any recommendations?)


Author: Karmen T

Freelance travel writer, video editor, social media whizz and all-round-behind-the-scenes content creator. I love taking shamelessly cute photographs, overeating on delicious food and recently? Drinking a lot of tea.

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