re: markets and life skills

fooding around in Chiang mai


When the lady at the hostel recommended that we visit some markets, I had in my mind bustling little flea markets, full of second hand goods. What we got instead was a vibrant cluster of stalls sprawling miles down the street, packed with food, clothes and souvenirs. Seriously, I think Chiang Mai spoiled us for the rest of the trip around Thailand, nothing will ever live up to that glorious first week there. We first visited the Night Bazaar and its nearby streets, I thought they were ok, a lot of tourist memorabilia, the typical t-shirts, pants, bracelets, etc. The Saturday market served as a great introduction to what was to come on Sunday, tip: if you see something you like, it’s probably best to buy it there, unless you want to trek all the way back (if you can find it) to that one stall. I found that there was little repetition between the stalls and quite a lot of handmade products, which was pretty cool to see! Plus, prices were fairly cheap, so no need to bargain hard to get a sweet deal, yay.

For things to do during the day, we booked a Thai cooking class – another thing I would have never thought of doing on holiday. The school was located 13km outside of the city, but a really idyllic place nonetheless! We visited Thailand at an awkward time, caught in the middle of dry and monsoon season, thus the vegetation around the cooking site looked a little sparse and dry. Still lovely however! Cooking Thai food prior to this class usually meant using a pre-made paste of some sort. I was quite amazed by the simplicity of the dishes, who ever thought that making Tom Yum soup can be achieved through just a few ingredients! Also, I finally learned how to make my favourite dish – stir fried morning glory and discovered a new favourite – coconut chicken soup, oh yes. Already looking forward to adding these dishes into my university cooking repertoire!

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