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The last leg of our Thailand journey took us to Krabi where we revelled in being away from the business of Bangkok as well as finally being near a beach! The lifestyle here is noticeably different from the places we had travelled, everything seemed especially slow! Having dinner the first night at a typical street restaurant set-up, we wondered why it took so long to receive our food. It wasn’t particularly busy, but people seemed to move at a more than leisurely pace! Not having anything in particular planned for the rest of the evening left only our impatient stomachs doing the complaining. Food here is also a bit more expensive than Chiang Mai (oh that sweet paradise), with our bill totalling 450 THB for four dishes shared between three. In the grand scale of things though, it’s certainly a lot cheaper than HK and the UK!

We took a long-tail boat to get to Railay Beach, which is probably the number one attraction in Krabi! Do make sure to stock up on water and/or snacks if you’re budget conscious as it is pricey over there – a (1 litre) bottle of water cost me 40 baht! I think this would have been a wonderful place to stay for a night, it’s a beautiful, intimate and quiet little place. Perfect for some chill time, #railayandchill. But if you’re feeling a little frisky, there’s great rock climbing spots and a penis cave to explore (I’m not kidding). We caught a few spots of sunshine, despite the temperamental weather, before heading back to Krabi and hitting the night markets! To be honest, I would probably recommend eating at a restaurant nearby, the food there isn’t that great. Be sure to save room for dessert and grab some fresh fruit here though!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

  • Pak Up Hostel – very popular hostel, easy to meet new people here and has everything nearby. Pier to catch the boat to Railay is just down the road and one of the staff owns THE CUTEST DOG.

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