re: Krabi pt. 2

why does it always rain on me?


Our last day in Krabi started off with me collecting my laundry from the shop across the street, only to discover a handful of items missing! Returning back to the shop proved futile as the lady didn’t speak much English and it wasn’t really worth the fuss to kick off or start rummaging through the place. So, goodbye old underwear, new nike sports bra and new bikini top!

Giving up on that endeavour, we waited for the van to pick us up and take us to Tiger Cave Temple. Upon arrival we doused ourselves in mosquito repellent and set off on the trek to the top – 1237 steps to be exact! If the climb to the top wasn’t hard enough already, around halfway up the mountain it started pouring heavily. HEAVILY. Rain was pooling in the crevices of the steps and flowing down the sides in huge amounts. With soaked feet, we made it to the top to be greeted by two stray dogs and an amazing aerial view of Krabi! The rain had also subsided and all that was left was these beautiful wisps of cloud floating among the treetops, making for a truly incredible experience! (Cautious about the day’s activities, I left my camera at the hostel. The few iPhone pictures  I have don’t do it justice, really).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The rain continued for most of the day, making me wish I was indoors and dry (wet shoes are a great mood killer). Nevertheless, we continued on with the tour and stopped off for lunch before going to the Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot), which I viewed from dry/wet land, not fancying the dip in the rain. The sheer amount of rain that day caused the riverbanks to burst, turning the normally clear waters at Klong Thom to become orange by the mud. The hot springs here are usually a lovely temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, but with the huge influx of rain turned out to be rather tepid when I dipped my feet in. Some locals, (or were they tourists too?) certainly didn’t mind the weather and were enjoying both attractions quite happily!

This pretty much wraps up our time in Krabi and Thailand, although I do have a post on the way about our brief stop at Koh Phi Phi! Compared to previous trips, this has been much more easy-going. Jetting to Thailand straight after exams meant not having much time to research and prepare, which led to some unexpected events – good and bad! This did make me a bit more lenient in later trips, but also highlighted the benefits of having a well-researched itinerary!

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