re: Osaka

A quick entry today to let you know about my final day in Osaka (sad times). The morning was spent at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, on the recommendation of my friend Sandy. It was really great, except I spent the whole time thinking (I’m not even sure why) that there was going to be one huge magical tank. It turned out that the whole aquarium was sort of one giant tank that we walked around, which sounds much more impressive in retrospect, but I couldn’t shake off the disappointment from thinking that there was going to be something better round the corner. My favourite part of the aquarium though, was the replica of the dentist’s fish tank in Finding Nemo!

After spending an inordinate amount of time at the aquarium gift shop, we made our way to Osaka Castle. Here, there’s two options, wait in the queue for the elevator to take you to the eighth floor, or climb. Guess what we did. It was a tough one (for unfit individuals like myself), but we made it and the view from the top was our reward. Going down is like a time machine into the past as you make your way through the museum exhibitions, covering everything from the history of the castle, weaponry and art.

With my friend on a mission to visit every Pokémon centre in Japan, we had to stop by the branch in Osaka. I picked up a couple of souvenirs to give to friends (the Pikachu cup ramen was a novelty item I couldn’t resist), whilst Wesley tried to restrain himself from buying the whole store. Spotting the toy capsule machines, he set his sights on a particular badge, but ended up getting the SAME one 5 times. Admittedly, he did make the mistake of swapping machines halfway through and I’m pretty sure I saw another couple walk away with the one he wanted. For me, it was pretty hilarious to watch, turning into a cringe-worthy encounter when he started to complain to the staff who had a strict policy about exchanging prizes.

We had dinner to soothe the pain of failure and then parted ways, to meet again in Kyoto. Wesley forgot to buy the Japan Rail Pass, so had to take the cheaper options via local trains. Once there, it turned out the hostel we booked (Piece Hostel) had different branches, so we ended up at a different hostel again. Piece Hostel Sanjo definitely marked an upward projection of positive hostel experience though. The beds were so comfy, not to mention designed as a proper enclosed booth! A minor annoyance was that the showers were located in the basement, but with the modern facilities, this can be overlooked.

P.S. Apologies for the lack of photographs in this post!


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2 thoughts on “re: Osaka”

  1. Very impressive looking temple. It looks like a white version of Matsumoto. 😀 For an anxious traveler, I think I would opt to climb it as well over the pain with waiting and standing in line. 🙂


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