re: Kyoto to Tokyo

a rearrangement.


Arriving in Tokyo in the evening, we were immediately on the hunt for food. An attempt to search for something other than ramen resulted in… ramen. I was happy because ramen is my soul food, but Wesley was starting to get a little sick of it by that point. Wandering around Akihabara at night was interesting to say the least. With many girls dressed in maid/school uniform and business men milling about, it was hard not think of the YouTube documentaries/features on this subject. On a lighter note (ish), we wandered into an arcade where Wesley won a Neko Atsume plushie on the first go, then proceeded to spend at least 1000 yen on trying to win a Pikachu plushie.

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The next morning, we split off into two different directions, Wesley, to Tokyo SkyTree and I to Mori Art Museum. I’m biased, but I’m championing going to Mori Art Museum over SkyTree for a couple of reasons: a) you don’t have to wait in a huge queue for hours b) view strange and thought provoking (or not) pieces of art c) have access to the sky deck for an alternative view of Tokyo. In the time I made my way around ¾ of the museum, Wesley was still in line for the SkyTree! Having made my way round, I went up to the sky deck to view the city from atop. Essentially a huge helipad, there wasn’t many people here, which was nice as you got to enjoy the view without vying for the best viewpoint.

Having some time for lunch, I stopped off at a ramen shop where I got to place my order via machine! I love the culture here where everyone casually stops by a restaurant on their own for lunch/dinner I wish it was more of a thing to do in western countries – eating alone can be fun and relaxing! While we’re at it, can we just bring authentic ramen shops over to the UK too? Recalling the memories of ramen makes me crave it so much!!

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