re: another travel video

damn KT, back at it again with the travel vids

It was travelling in Thailand where I got a bit overwhelmed with technology. It’s difficult to film, photograph, snapchat, instagram etc. everything while enjoying the moment~ (true, however cheesy).  But I had already become fixated with this particular song and after hours scouring the internet for the perfect audio accompaniment to my last travel video, I could not let this rare opportunity simply pass by! Already having visions of the shots I would take etc., I excitedly boarded the plane to Thailand. This is the result of a wonderful two weeks.

re: Chinese New Year

happy new year… again (?!)

Something a little bit different today! Making sound on those New Year resolutions, I was surprised by how quick it was to edit this little video. Not sure why the thumbnail looks like it was filmed on a potato, but click play and bask in the wondrous picture quality of the iPhone 6s (that is, if everything went smoothly in the uploading process)!

Happy Year of the Monkey everyone!